TheVaccinator  is a computer program that manages immunization records according to parameters set by the client, incorporating standard requirements of regulatory agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control. These immunization records include, for example, details of doses of vaccines given, schedules, inventories, manufacturers, insurers, and adverse reactions (VAERS.) TheVaccinator  produces necessary certificates, as well as both customized and agency-mandated reports. The program is designed for ease-of-use in tracking and reporting immunizations and related data. TheVaccinator runs stand-alone or as client/server.

TheVaccinator is licensed through HealthCareXchange and provides automated immunization reporting to state registries. Trial versions of the software are also available through MedicAllInOne LLC and this website.


Our Mission

MedicAllInOne develops record management software to serve medical practitioners worldwide. These applications embody innovative strategies to simplify entering and retrieving essential medical information. Our goal is to design solutions for medical record-keeping that enable rather than encumber. We follow a simple rule fit the tools to the users, not the users to the tools.

Company Profile

MedicAllInOne is a limited liability corporation formed under the laws of the state of South Carolina. It is owned by two partners: Martine Hutton and Jim Bowring.


Dr. Martine Hutton has over 45 years experience managing her pediatric practice.  In addition, she specializes in specifying and deploying data-management solutions for medical practices.



Jim Bowring, Ph.D., has over 45 years experience in software architecture and development.  He is currently an associate professor of Computer Science at the College of Charleston.


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935 McCants Drive, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
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